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Since 1982 Tim Brown has enjoyed a full time career as a photographer and visual artist. His passion for people, adventure and travel has led him around the planet quite a few times. His resides in Salida Colorado, where he now specializes in Wet Plate Collodion photography, Tim creates tintype portraits at his Salida Studio. His warmth and good humor help bring out the best with everyone he works with. An award winning master of light, Tim continues to push the edge with his work.

Stop by his Studio/Gallery if you're ever in Salida, or give him a call 719-221-1115

Tim Brown Photography Salida Tintype

225 F Street

Salida, Colorado 81201

Booking: please phone 719-221-1115 to schedule an appointment. We take appointments Monday thru Saturday. ...or stop by the studio at 225 F Street Salida Colorado

In summer months we will be offering walk-in tintype portraits, where you can have a finished tintype of you and/or your friends/family in 30 minutes.

Pricing: Tintype Portraits start at $75.00 please contact our Studio for additional pricing and info.

The Wet Plate Collodion process...

Tim Brown takes one of a kind portraits. Each tintype is hand crafted using the same equipment and techniques as in the 1800's. The rare and vintage lenses capture a timeless beauty that just cannot be created digitally. No one tintype can be reproduced and each portrait is as unique and different as the subject.

Collodion is first poured on the tin or glass to create a base for the silver to re-act with which then produces a light sensitive negative. After exposing, the tin is hand developed, fixed, washed, then varnished to create a beautiful positive tintype that will last well over 150+ years.

Hi resolution scans are created from the tintype which enable us to offer beautiful museum quality print enlargements from your portrait.

Please watch the video on the tintype process. You'll see the video link on the top right side of this page.

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feel free to call us with any questions!